Odoo 16 will Disrupt The ERP Mid-Market with stunning features
Odoo 16 - Odoo Experience 2022

On the 14th of October, Odoo released its new version Odoo 16. During the event, Odoo declared that they will continue to disrupt the ERP Mid-Market with interesting features.

In this article, you will see what those elements are and how Odoo will be able to compete with the main competitors in the MMC Market.

The 4 factors that allowed Odoo to compete with the top ERP Companies.

Odoo is the Right Solution

Fully integrated as an ERP System

  • Strong Product
  • IT innovative
  • Agile Methodology

All in One Software

When you have different software and try to integrate them, you will have a lot of issues.

For example, a technical issue you had to connect different software to one another so that you maintain these connectors, and connection you had to upgrade them as soon as you get a new release or a new version. 

That is not convenient, or easy to maintain.


Subscribing to multiple systems will end up costing you more than you think.

  • You will need to pay for multiple subscriptions instead of one. 
  • If your customer needs to access multiple data on the same platform you will need to request a special feature to the editor in order to create and allow the integration.
  • The product and the knowledge that is contained in Odoo is not like any other ERP system out there. Multiple Modules specially designed to help you with improving your business.

Odoo is an all-in-one sytem, it allows to tackle and access multiple modules, that are integrated with one another.

Odoo 16

With the release of Odoo 16 and the additional new features, Odoo became one of the top Open Source CRM business management software.


1. Code cleanup & performance2. Accounting localization3. User experience4. New Features

  • New knowledge app similar to Wiki, Notion and confluence and integrated with all odoo apps. 
  • Website builder backend and front end in single view
  • Coupons and promotions in all apps
  • Subscription app merged with sales
  • Chatbot: multi choice questions and decision tree.


  • New bank reconciliation: multi currency matching, simplified accounting imports,
  • Journal audit report: improved readability and vat related information's
  • Enhancements in assets: Easier cancellation, better UX, Accurate Computations
  • Credit Limit: warning in sales and invoice
  • OCR: separate settings for customer invoice
  • Intrastat reports
  • Various improvements in E-invoicing Factrux, Peppol, Finvoice, EHF
  • Vies Validation and E commerce


  1. New back-end(better onboarding, more visibility)
  2. New Frontend Design

Email Marketing

  • Create new templates from the previously designed templates
  • Change global attributes of mailing list all at once


  • Vimeo Support


  • New layout for pay now email notifications
  • Multi company: multi domain & servers


  • Retweet & quote tweets from dashboard


  • Force backorder
  • Improved shipping methods
  • Automated batches 
  • GS1 labels for lots and packages
  • Replenishment visibility days
  • Scan package
  • Pick and count
  • Force scan


  • Revamped call for tender
  • Receipt/Delivery status in PO & SO
  • Shipping insurance
  • Commercial invoice


  • Sign: option to refuse sign


  • New stress days, where leaves are not allowed for employees
  • Options delete time off from dashboard


  • Determines sequence among approvers


  • Report on employee skills
  • Add signature request wizard to plans


  • Split and merge manufacturing orders 
  • Allocation report for manufacturing
  • Subcontracting portal


  •  Revamp Tablet view